Submissions Have Opened!

Submission Details

CatVomit is a zine and art collaboration that is asking for YOUR personal poems, art, collages, photos, or word vomit to include in our newest issue called BODY. The theme is simple, submit a piece of work that is about the human body. We want to touch on all topics including race, body mods, sexuality, fat shaming, facing the medias standards of beauty, and much more. So get to thinking, tinkering, and art making so YOU can be a part of this project.

Submission Requirements:
-Writing material to be 500 words or less.
(We won’t be too peculiar with this, but remember this is to be a short submission, not a novel)
-Digital Image files in .PNG or .JPG
(preferably 7megapixels or more)
-Email must include title of piece, author’s name, and if wanted short bio of author.
-Submissions are to be emailed to

This zine is to be published for FREE online at for viewers to have access and print personal copies. However hard copies will be made to sell at promotional events. All artist included in the zine will receive a FREE personal hard copy upon publication.




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